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I have spent most of my years mulling over merging my reality and my fantasies to create the most exciting existence on Earth. Too often we seem to associate beauty & romance with fantasy & the mundane for reality, waiting for life to finally excite us. You will find that in this sort, I am the most darling catalyst you will cross paths with, and my existence dares to challenge the likes of dreamy, one dimensional characters in the media. I have never been anything but; my upbringing necessitated both collecting pageant queen awards and straight A’s that propelled me to pursue my advanced degree. After all, what is work if not evenly balanced with play? Spice without its sugar? Luckily for you, I embrace this duality, and wish to have you explore your own with me. Perhaps by reaching out to me, you have realized that fantasies are a bit disappointing if they only reside in dreams. I want to offer you the surreal, dipped in honeyed languidity. I have an affinity towards tender caresses and breathless kisses. Screening is required before we meet, for more information please visit: For more information about our meeting:

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