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Ms Rosie Lox

I'm your all-natural girl next door. If you just so happen to live next to a kinky, Celtic princess that is. I recently moved to the States from across the pond (hence the British accent) and I'm looking for new friends & playmates to show me a good time. Soulful, earthy and authentic, I'm comfortable in my own skin, free of inhibitions and guaranteed to bring out your wild side. My sweetness, warmth and innocent look can be disarming but there's a twinkle in my eye alluding to depths of fervent debauchery. With ultra-feminine, porcelain curves like a Pre-Raphealite painting come to life, I'm an old soul who often feels like I was born in the wrong decade. And that's not just referring to my taste in music! I live a passionate life doing what I love and it shows in my smile. A life full of rich, deeply connected & passionate experiences is one I would consider to be well-lived, wouldn't you?

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Avarage rating: 4,2/5
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